Friday, March 9, 2012

Hungry for Football: The Azkals Sports Bar


Azkals Sports bar by Jenina Gonzales

Kick some balls, score a goal and get a taste of Misagh-lpicao with a Dan-dy Shandy! Now that’s something you can expect to say after a visit to the Azkals Sports Bar at The Fort Strip.

How about pairing a Chieffy Southwest Jalapeno Burger with an Alexander the Shake and Carlie-Mari on the side, while staring at a greater than life-sized Chieffy Caligdong striking a pose on the wall?

Azkals Sports Bar by J.Anne Gonzales

A haven for the hungry and home of the Azkals and football fans, aficionados or just families brooding in the area, the Azkals Sports Bar combines the vibrant bar atmosphere with fantastic food—topped with that football vibe that has been sweeping the country stronger than any Premier League move. No doubt the Philippine National Football Team has captured a goal in every Filipino’s heart, and the sports bar just provides a common venue for futboleros and families to dine, chill, shoot goals, and of course, watch the games on screen.

“It’s a place for families to bond. Dad can have a beer, while the kids can have an Azkals Sundae,” explains Mel Macasaquit, owner and CEO of the Azkals Sports Bar. Otherwise known as Melmac, proprietor of the famous Toyz Bar chain, we can certainly expect innovative and grand ideas to start pouring in this place faster than a referee can raise a red card.

The menu on its own is a smorgasbord of familiar names and appetizing dish monikers, from the Rafa-jita Roll-ups, Dan’s Mushroom Burger to the Phil-ly Cheese Steak Sandwich and that perfect sounding Cobb Gier Salad. With the latter named aptly, ordering salad has never been this exciting, Rob Gier-inspired! Having suggested Bana-Nate Split may be met with raised brows, but won’t fans have a kick out of this fabulous sounding dessert? I surely would.

Even the Azkaleros have found a big time portion in the menu: the Ultimate Azkalero Club Sandwich. Join the club, why not? It is, after all, a fantastic serving, guaranteed to help you perfect that bicycle kick.

AZkals Sports Bar by J.Anne

Having recently raided a soccer field (or someone’s secret garden), the sports bar is adorned with nets, a ton of soccer balls that would make any striker cry with envy and bean bags (with soccer ball designs) that will make you wish you could move in the place. Don’t think that the goalkeepers have all the fun. Shoot goals on the net, while having a drinking spree with your buds, blokes or new acquaintances. This is the spirit of the Azkals Sports Bar—as we root for the same team, thus we have the right to kick some balls.

If you find the net in your nearest field missing, you know where it is. I must say though, it’s being put to good use, so please don’t take it back.

Instead, have some Classic Wingers and a Miji's (the drink, not my hermano) at the bar. Welcome home, mate!

 I certainly am.

- Jenina Gonzales

*The Azkals Sports Bar was officially launched last February 29, to celebrate Leap Year and coincide with the Azkals vs Malaysia game where we ended in a draw. Already in operation, the sports bar is in its soft opening phase and reservations are very much welcome, no corner kick required. You can check out their Twitter (@azkalsportsbar) and Facebook (Azkals Sports Bar) pages for more details. Time to start practicing your headers, blokes.



  1. I like the idea of the net and balls.. looks like a cool place to hang!

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