Saturday, May 19, 2012

Mr. Bright-Side: The Amazing Ace Bright

Finally got to use a song title (by The Killers) in an article, and aptly used, if I may say so. The Mr. Bright-Side we refer to is Ace Bright, otherwise known as the Azkals Coordinator, for those who are clueless with the state of Philippine football.

Ace also goes by many other names, addressed in the article Mr. Bright-Side: The Amazing Ace Bright which should be an interesting read with all those photos and stories that are so amazing, we'd think they happen only in the movies. But heck no, this is the Amazing Ace's real life.

Swamping us with stories that made me forget dinner (unbelievable, huh), Ace is certainly great as he is evil (in his own words). Makes me kinda glad that one of those Azkals Sports Bar sandwiches was named after him, since he definitely deserves such tribute in fine menu print.

Now that made me hungry.

Read and rave about Ace in Mr. Bright-Side: The Amazing Ace Bright. First posted in the Azkals website, of course.

J. Anne

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