Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Angels and Dominoes

Angel’s Pizza is such a queer name for a pizza place, I had to convince myself that this was Domino’s in its past life. Having reinforced this myth in my obstinate right brain, I finally conceded to the fact that domino=angel. Very logical indeed.

As for the pizza, it tasted very much the same. The crust was its usual chewy self, somewhere in between light and fluffy yet still crisp and easily digestible and far from Pizza Hut doughy-the-carbs-can-kill-me-now.

The flavors/variants, I must say, had an amazing roster it could be difficult to memorize them all in one sitting. Not that I tried to or would want to as this would serve no purpose, but Angel’s fanatics out there might get a kick out of this information overload.

As for me though, scanning was the order of the day, amidst colorful menu layout and cherubs all over the place. I found what I wanted (in short, what I can eat), that Shrimp Pesto Pizza. I had to order the supreme-like pizza for the meat eating companions, a compromise so as not to burden them with my fishy disposition.

The shrimp pesto tasted the way it's supposed to, pesto laden crust with bits of shrimp. I didn’t grow a halo while eating the pizza, but neither did I form anything from the bad side, so I suppose this translates to a neutral pizza. 

Neutral is not the best way to describe pizza, as this may not be helpful to readers so let me be more specific, the pizza may do with 20% more of its existing toppings. I found it lacking in that aspect, and also found myself reaching for more condiments to address the seeming lack in substance.

Instead of reaching for more slices, I actually thought of my next meal. Not the best way to end a first date.

As for that meat pizza, it seems that they liked it more than my shrimp pesto. That or people are becoming more compassionate to those who seemingly eat less. That must be why they call it Angel’s Pizza.

Nah, I don't buy that.  Maybe they found my pizza neutral as well.

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