Thursday, October 18, 2012

Pinky Swear: Pinkerton Ice Cream

A taste of Pinkerton Ice Cream can be quite a life changing and mood altering experience, there is now a more sensible alternative to alcohol, herbs and the occasional punching bag. A dollop can get you out of that suicidal disposition, and as an added bonus, will elevate your foodie ranking to ultimate gourmand. Congratulations on this unexpected promotion.

Because after a taste of Pinkerton, you can’t view ice cream in the same unbiased and innocent manner. The commercial produce will forever be reduced to proletarian treats, while gourmet ice cream like Pinkerton, elevated to majestic snacking—thus dismissing Magnum and its royalty-inspired ad as pure disconnect.

Pinkterton Ice cream is homemade and fresh, and offers an assortment of crafty flavors, we will never turn back to plain vanilla or just mocha. Mile-long names are the new cookies and cream, and chocolate is slammed to the mental abyss. If I hear another Rocky Road, you’re in for that endless road of tasteless oblivion.

With Banana Nutella, Cake Batter with Sprinkles and Blueberry Cheesecake at the tip of the iceberg list, I lie not when I write that it took me a day to decide on my first buy. And a sleepless night counting sprinkles.

[caption id="attachment_2487" align="aligncenter" width="491"] The Dynamic Duo for Depression[/caption]

Eventually, I settled for Red Velvet (pardon the cliché, having dissed this flavor in earlier posts) and Carrot Cake with Honey Glazed Walnuts (a no-brainer for the carrot lover). While both may have intertwined flavors and cake bases, this has been resolved for my cake fantasies will never be laid to rest without sampling the two.

And so sweet and with an unmatched creaminess, the ice cream is superb. The cakes interspersed in the ice cream are just as divine and offer none of that inadequacy of the common chiffon. It makes me wonder which I like better, cake or ice cream—a conundrum best solved by just enjoying it collectively.

The carrot cake especially is mixed in greater proportion, it’s like eating cake infused with ice cream. Mild hints of cinnamon and honey bring a sense of comfort for the forlorn and the chunkiness of the walnut introduces that much needed crunch.

Pinkterton is something you bring home and savor in moments of dire, hair raising frustration, on forgotten birthdays and Gossip Girl marathons.

It can spice up any dull day when nothingness fills your schedule, and on the other side of the planner spectrum, the best way to wind down a traumatic day.

With other interesting flavors to complete the Pinkterton spectrum—like sorbet or organic honey—a next time is certainly mandated.

Friday night outs are off the list of stress busters since I like mine sweet, cold and best served at home. Nothing beats Pinkteron in this department, except maybe a rock concert.

But wait, I have been continuously blabbing about Pinkerton Ice Cream, I have not even given a background on this fabulous find. It’s a homemade ice cream brand produced by Xandra Rocha, made to order and picked up after a day or two. They make the ice cream upon order, so customized is a better way to put it.

When you see the list of flavors, I bid you a sleepless night as well.


  1. The carrot cake ice cream looks delish! I want! =)

  2. Try it! There are other "cake" flavors!

  3. Hi J. Anne. where can we buy that???

  4. You buy all the flavors! And make it a quart each haha