Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sprinkles Cupcakes

If there’s a sweet creation that I question the most, it’s that “Why were rainbow sprinkles ever made?” Who institutionalized these nasty little dots? And why can’t they just melt and leave our teeth alone?

Why children love this colorful pestilence will be a mystery to me, my dentist and the Easter Bunny.

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When I first heard of an impending trip to Sprinkles Cupcakes (Beverly Hills), I nearly fell off my seat, for fear of finally coming in close contact with those dreaded rainbow sprinkles. It came as great news though that the name Sprinkles is a misnomer—accompanying one of those rare moments when I welcomed being wrong and misinformed.

Sprinkles does serve cupcakes - make it gourmet with vegan variants on the side - topped with dazzling frosting (some with edible sprinkles) that can mesmerize even the most dispassionate passerby.

The cupcakes are freshly baked, organic as far as baked goods go and are highly demanded in the neighboring areas—with a line that stretches to the outer sidewalk. People would not even display that kind of patience for a Big Mac or a Frap, but for Sprinkles, the waiting time is welcomed with a certain anticipation we can only expect from Santa Claus.

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The cupcake flavors range from the ordinary to the charming combos that could drive the indecisive to just buy them all. There’s the everyday favorite Red Velvet, Vanilla and Chocolate. Banana, Dark Chocolate, Chai Latte and Cinnamon Sugar are likewise offered to confuse the hungry and adventure seekers.

However I am glad that for once my conviction did not leave me hanging on a sprinkle, and I settled for my favorite, Carrot.

[caption id="attachment_1688" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Sprinkles Carrot Cupcake"][/caption]

The Carrot cupcake was a decadent little bunny whose cream cheese frosting I wouldn’t mind finishing on my own. Carrot strips and walnuts filled the soft cupcake, and the frosting mixed with cinnamon can certainly compete with the crumpets and scones for the Queen’s tea-time. For once, I had forgiven the long queue that welcomed our arrival and yes, the name Sprinkles is given pardon as well.

An overwhelming cupcake paradise Spinkles is, and one which would be hard to forget. It was good while it lasted, but if you’re in the area, wouldn’t hurt to bring me back home a Pumpkin cupcake for Easter. Pretty please, with carrot on top!

Happy Easter!

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