Saturday, November 10, 2012

Moving In: The Lazy Black Cat

A recent resident of Wordpress, Lazy Black Cat has decided to move in to the orange neighborhood otherwise known as Blogger!

Please note that I am neither a Wordpress exile nor a cyber criminal, and that only a Saturday night whim led to this change in (URL) address.

Still, I shall continue blogging about food, with a dash of health items (I try) and Philippine Football features on the side - once I get the hang of the Blogger menus and jargon.

I have tried to the best of my layman ability to import posts from my wordpress blog to this site, but if you find the photos slightly larger than usual or captions improperly positioned, just read them in the original wordpress site. 

You can also comment - I would appreciate the welcoming note of disdain, praise, just not a spam!

I guess I'm done. Well not really, it's just that it's lunch time and I hate missing my meals.

So here are some useful tidbits to incriminate me, in case you're curious or just plain stuck at this page:

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