Monday, November 12, 2012

The Ice Cream Showdown

Lazy Black Cat Selecta Whoppers

The “ber” season resumed its reign roughly 2 months back, but still Manila continues to get haunted by the ultraviolet rage. There is something very unnerving about the weather, and that includes the possible mistake of prepping the holiday coats and stockings, only to be outshone by the dazzling rays.

I have prayed for snow since El Nino has been referenced as a climatic condition rather than for religious reasons, but to no avail. Instead, all I ask for is a bit of breeze. You know, the type that would remind me that Christmas is around the corner and not in the coming decade.

Still, the heat signifies no end, which make hot chocolate and chestnuts roasting on an open fire, not my thing at the moment.

And so I find solace I what seemed to be the summer staple and now, a round-the-year essential: ice cream. That velvety soft cream, finessed by the cold, is the only item worth investing in this season. While the variants are abound, I’ve decided to settle with three—Fruity Comfort, Blissful Chunks and Great Balls of Crunch—and yes, give them code names while we’re at it.

FIC Raspberry ice cream

Fruity Comfort: Raspberry Rapture by Fruits in Ice Cream
Why settle for the by-the-scoop FIC ice cream in the malls when you can dig into the gallon right at home, in the car or wherever the craving hits you? Raspberry rapture is a proven family favorite because it combines that raspberry candy flavor with the smooth ice cream. 

One taste of this fruity comfort and a scoop is usually never enough – so why buy just a scoop, right? It’s an all-in sweet fix which no longer calls for cones, toppings or sprinkles!

BTIC Kahlua Brownie

Blissful Chunks: Kahlua Brownie by BTIC
While not entirely classified as ice cream, BTIC’s yogurt selections supposedly provide the healthier alternative to regular ice cream. A bit on the icy texture, the lighter base makes it more refreshing to eat. The brownie chunks are hefty so hoarders need not scoop out all the brownies—there’s  plenty for everybody! With no sour hint whatsoever, this makes a healthy chocolate alternative to calorie counting folks and children. Yes parents, no one got drunk while eating this ice cream. Oh excuse me, better than ice cream.

Selecta Whoppers Hershey's Ice Cream
Great Balls of Crunch: Whoppers by Hershey’s/Selecta
Who doesn’t love Whoppers? When I first saw the whopping poster outside a 7-11, I nearly went for it—to bad I was in a speeding vehicle. 

Still the Whoppers Ice cream combines that popping chocolate candy with the smooth caramel ice cream by Selecta—a pretty awesome combination for a locally concocted flavor. With chocolate syrup to complete the sweet ensemble, it makes every kid’s dream dessert come true. However, it’d be greatly whopping if there were more and more Whoppers in every bite! Then again with the risk of hyperactive nonstop ADD kids in progress, no parent might want that much excitement level. (Guess I’ll just have to buy a pack then.)

So, November might be a drag for being a sweltering season that is the anti-thesis of Santa’s sleigh sliding down the snowy chimney. Still it gives me the very reason to indulge in ice cream, 24/7, all seasons of the year, whenever, wherever.

If you think I’ve gone all loony, well then, whatever!


  1. You got me at Raspberry Rapture! I haven't tried that FIC flavor yet, but I'm sure to buy a tub within the week :)

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