Monday, February 13, 2012

Double Take: Marvin and Marwin Angeles

Marvin Marwin Angeles J.Anne Gonzales

While getting an interview with Manchester United's da Silva twins is close to having Wayne Rooney bring us fish and chips for dinner, at least we had the bravissimo chance of interviewing Philippine football's very own set of twins: Marvin and Marwin Angeles.

As a linguistic bonus, the twins speak Tagalog, English and Italian, so there was no need to get all "Buon giorno" and "Capisce?" with them. Grazie mille! As in!

While many may contest their nationality, the boys are Fil-Italian (because they were born in Italy), and upon closer look at their birth certificates (okay, just kidding, someone corrected us) Marwin is older than Marvin.  

Read more about them at Double Take: Marvin and Marwin Angeles. First seen at the Azkals website, powered by my ever resourceful brother who loves Chicken Joy.

Who's next? You tell us.


J. Anne / Jenina Gonzales

Double Take by J. Anne Gonzales

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