Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Lazy Black Goat @ Cyma

Now I know how it feels to be a celebrity, courtesy of the waiters and patrons of Cyma (Trinoma). The stares and gawking have definitely contributed to my ever growing ego, and the really obvious-but-trying-not-to-be side glances cannot escape my omniscient radar. If people could probably tweet their thoughts, it'd be something like: Saw @LazyBlack_Cat being such a Lazy Black Goat at Cyma. Again.

Oh fame, if only you were for real, but it wasn't me they were staring at, but rather, my plate. Amidst platters of pasta and cheese seen on other tables, only the Tonnos Salata has landed on mine.

While I love Cyma's Roka Pasta, Chicken Gyro and Saganaki, call me living in peasantry, but it's the salad that would cause us to conquer this Greek Restaurant in proper phalanx formation.

Lately, I have dined and lived off on the Tonnos Salata, family size of course (good for 2 people from MY family). The toppings are endless, lively and would make Poseidon proud: seared tuna, anchovies (Gavros), black olives,  feta cheese, roasted bell peppers, onions, potatoes, boiled egg, etc. The summer herb vinaigrette dresses the salad with that light sunny, cream-free feel. No other salad can give us this leviathan serving, magnified further with its fresh and dainty ingredients. Other local joints present us with shoddy counterparts that would make Zeus so mad, he'd throw a thunderbolt right through that iceberg lettuce.

The seared tuna is normally the first to disappear in our Tonnos Salata, but the salad on its own has created its Greek standard that I can never replicate in other local buffets. I have tried, failed and always ended up with a balsamic vinaigrette-hard cheese salad instead. Good though.

Back to being a celebrity. Well, I suppose we will always have our 15 minutes of shame at Cyma, but then again, maybe being a goat suits me. I feel, though, that the waiters are getting to know our strange diet habits. The once look of horror has transformed into that of slow comprehension.

Maybe next time we eat there -  no, i will not give them the finger, don't tempt me - I could wear a shirt that says: Teach your kids not to stare. Or are you also a kid?

I sure am one. Meeeeeh!




  1. I love Cyma! I like their Tonnos Salata and Roka Salata but for some reason I always tend to gravitate towards their Lamb and Watermelon Salad :)

  2. Cyma's Tonnos Salata looks like Nicoise Salad to me. Or, are they the same thing? :)

  3. Yes, looks like it - with the tuna, anchovies, egg, beans and all other "raw" chopped up ingredients. Renamed it Tonnos Salata to emphasize the "tonnos" aspect.