Thursday, June 28, 2012

Out for Brunch (@ Manila Polo Club)

Growing up, the term “Sunday brunch” was rarely uttered, our bourgeois household bearing the practice of separately enjoyed meals sans the wine toasting and thematic white garb. Plus, I am normally one hungry beast when I wake up, so brunch comes to near non existence in my voracious vocabulary.

The closest I have come to this posh Sunday Brunch matter, well aside from Chuck Bass and the rest of the Upper East Side, was during our Sunday feast at the Manila Polo Club. Veering away from the sensational seafood-fest that was the Mongolian Grill, we opted for the all-encompassing, multi-course selections from the International Buffet.

Spotting the Sushi, sashimi and Baked Salmon with the Caper-Dill sauce from afar, we had to abandon the call of the Mongolian buffet and opt for proper silverware, plates, soup bowls and hordes of protein.

The salad station wasn’t all that elaborate, should the likes of arugula, feta cheese or even caviar be expescted to make an entrance on the glass throne. However with Italian dressing, Romaine lettuce, the usual vegetable sidings, egg (pardon me, I’ve been fancying boiled egg these past few days) and cheese (just cheddar but that’ll do), it was quite enough to fill my plate to shameful heights that I wanted to hide from the prim old lady by my side. But she didn’t seem to care, since all she wanted was the seafood salad.

As for that seafood salad, do not get me started. Again it was no Poseidon serving, but somehow the light lemon-herb oil that graced the squid-shrimp-fish-olive salad was refreshingly satiating, it called for seconds! And seconds I shamelessly had.

While the dishes were not overwhelmingly abundant in quantity, they were luxuriously presented and named, looking them brought enough stars in my eyes. The Baked Salmon occupied the main spotlight area, which was such a welcome sight compared to the cliché roast beef. Pasta was available in Marinara (with shrimps) and carbonara sauces, and proved to be the “carby” competition for that Seafood Paella. Lavish names like Fish Fillet Veronique and Pork Schnitzel introduced funky new food terms that I can put to good use, if any, to spice up the dreariness of everyday dishes.

Seafood was also made available for grilling, but we never got to that point. Stuck on the salad and seafood already served and aptly named, we found no need to indulge in those smoky treats.

Being the mammoth dessert eater, I nearly gave up on the sweet treats, but alas, I could not yield at the sight of the cakes and fruits. And they had bread pudding with chocolate sauce!

The shot glass serving cakes were all right, a bit exposed to the poolside heat so the fruit selection provided the chilling finale to my meal. With orange and mango slices atop that fabulous headdress inspired display, it was a delightful meal, capped off by a tropical fruit fest.

Very Sunday Brunch, if I may say so.

So this brunch thing isn’t too bad, not all that fancy and no dress code necessary.  This is probably one of those rare moments when I can’t help but end with:

XOXO, Lazy Black Cat


  1. Everything looks so good! Love a Smorgasbord of things!

  2. A smorgasbord is indeed a good thing, especially when it comes to food!

  3. i always go to eat at the sports lounge :) love their chicken bbq, grilled salmon and burger :) oh, and the salpicao too!

  4. Omg! never tried this yet, maybe soon. How much would this brunch cause me?

  5. Hi Rome. Thanks for visiting and your keen interest in the buffet but I have a confession to make - my cousin paid for it! Cost-wise, I haven't a clue! Must be a member's secret!