Sunday, January 15, 2012

All that Misagh-ness: Catching up with Misagh Bahadoran

First seen on the official Azkals websiteCatching up with Misagh Bahadoran is our first sibling collaboration.

While I do deal with a myriad of personalities on a daily basis, it's not everyday that I get to write about these interesting folks and blokes. Normally it's all about food and kitchen mishaps, but this time, it's football. Juicy news over moist cake wasn't that bad a trade-off, plus I did get that much-needed exercise.

The interview was just as hilarious as the Misagh's cover photo, and even if there was no actual curry involved, I am glad the Butterfinger survived all of Misagh's twirling and Miji's banter.

Till the next feature. Salam!

J. Anne / Jenina Gonzales

Misagh Bahadoran by Jenina Gonzales


  1. Hi J. Anne! I loved that post for Misagh's b-day. You and your brother are admirable bloggers/writers.

  2. Great to hear that, Crissy! Stay tuned for more, seriously! :)