Saturday, January 14, 2012

Starbucks Cold Chicken Soba Salad

Our household thrives mainly on noodles and salad (and the occasional roast chicken), but putting them together in one dish has never materialized because I found the combination rather cold, squirmy and altogether bland. And add weird as well, since the thought of cold macaroni salad continues to bring shivers in our tropical home.

The thing is, I've never had decent soba. Ever. It's a pity really, since whenever we pass by the Asian aisle in the grocery, I hold the raw product in my hands, perpetually clueless and broke to even shoot it in my basket.

Having no proper benchmark for soba is such a shame, especially when I take pride in being a noodle-lover. Of all places to take pity on this plight, it had to be Starbucks, which was rather strange - slurping on noodles while everyone else was being normal and sipping on their frap (which I happen to be allergic to).

The Cold Chicken Soba Salad is a combination of greens (not just iceberg lettuce, fantastic), chicken strips, shiitake mushrooms,  soba noodles and that awesome soy-sesame dressing. Normally, I try to be a refined diner and digest my meals slowly, but the dressing prompted me to disregard my morals and dump the whole cup on the noodles. Never mind the black sesame seeds creeping on everything it touched; it was don't-talk-to-me-while-I-eat and don't you forget to respect the soba. The entire serving was light, satisfactorily soy-savory and something I would love to have for lunch everyday. 

Unfortunately I've spotted this salad in hordes, but only in Starbucks Magallanes, which can really be annoying to the northern dwellers.

Of course I've considered a solution, but it involves huge backpack, so I don't suppose anyone would go along with this plan. Anyway, it was good while it lasted.


  1. is this new? i've only tried their pesto pasta salad w/ roasted veggies and i loved it.

  2. Not sure but I haven't seen this salad anywhere else, or it might have limited distribution. I want to try that pesto salad!

  3. HI J. Anne! This reminds me of Pepper Lunch's version of Soba Salad. :) Masarap din.

  4. May ganito din sa may Starbucks emerald bldg, Emerald ave. ortigas,