Monday, January 23, 2012

In the Red: Cajun Red Rock

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The word "Cajun" brings only one image to mind, and that is Gambit, my favorite X-men character, mon ami.

As far as any other Cajun is concerned, there is not much to be said or comes as a top-of-mind concept, character or restaurant. After all, I've pushed Cajun Red Rock (SM Megamall, Atrium) at the far bottom of my where-to-eat list. Feel free to try it still, since you might enjoy the meaty dishes that are repelled by our choosy table.

It was Chef Tony's free popcorn that got us sniffing to the place, and the curiosity that comes when you're in the presence of a hungry cat, too lazy to walk any farther. With all those eager groups and voracious families that filled up the place, I've always wondered when the day would come that I too would partake in this hearty dining experience, and that time came when the whiff of their complimentary popcorn filled the void of my hunger radar and ushered us to a half-clean table.


The free popcorn may bring such a hoity-toity appeal, but it sure worked for us. As far as the voracious-happy-eating experience goes, it never really happened. With the absence of Gambit or any of that New Orleans dazing appeal, nothing chère can be said about our meal.

Chopped Seafood Salad

The Chopped Seafood Salad came with a myriad of toppings, fried noodles and ranch dressing. However leviathan the size was, the all-iceberg lettuce fare was a bit short on the taste aspect. While I expected a burst of seafood splendor, what I got was so-so greens and unheroically tough calamari rings. By the time I finished the salad, everyone else was picking their nails and dreaming about ice cream.

Buffalo Burger

Chicken Marsala

The Chicken Marsala and Buffalo Burger were likewise on the so-so level. Filling-wise, they did their part. If you're not expecting any gourmet goodness or exotically spiced up viand, then perhaps you will enjoy these "normal" dishes, which many would be happy to learn are carbo-loading even - have you seen the size of the bun? 

However, there was no imaginary lightbulb that seemed to say, "Fantastic food, I'll be back tomorrow!" No misty-eyed, I can cry moments. It was just, "A reasonable place, with free popcorn." Ding-ding-ding, at least it meets the budget.

Of course it was silly of me to expect Gambit to pop out of the kitchen, serving us gumbo. Since he didn't and neither did my awesome expectations, I leave this place to the noisemaking families.

I hear the ribs are great.

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