Monday, December 5, 2011

Pizza Hut Goes Thin with the Tuscani

Filipinos are renowned for their peculiar dreams and outlandish ambitions: from winning a beauty pageant, being hailed as the next Pacman, becoming a Youtube sensation—to the slightly mundane: climbing Mount Everest, winning at Dragonboat racing and becoming the bigwig nurse in Europe or Canada. All these are quite possible really, this Pinoy Dream, as exemplified by our too-many-to-mention successful kababayan. Even I’m no exception to this Pinoy I-can-do-anything mindset—though perhaps I’d have to fall under the “what-is-she-thinking, this strange girl” dream category.

My aspirations are quite simple, really, since someone already beat me to landing on the moon and designing the ipod. And even inventing milk tea, unbelievable! All I want to do are write, shop, dine and enjoy life! Oh, and visit Italy!

So I guess the “visit Italy” part may be on the long-term scale, but hey, I’m still going for it. How can we not resist Italy, the bastion of world history, culture and food? I grew up eating pizza and pasta, knowing the difference between penne and ravioli and upholding the discrimination between al dente and just plain soggy. There is no way I can proceed with life without having eaten an authentic gourmet pizza straight from the ovens of Italy—that’s my gastronomic wish and lifetime quest.

Unknown to me, this wish would be granted rather pronto, without having to leave our tropical country or even pack an overnight bag. Right under this famous hut that is known for pan pizzas, there they served thin crust, gourmet pizza otherwise known as the Tuscani. That’s Tuscani with an “I” not the “Y” because we’re not talking about Italy, but rather Pizza Hut’s line of gourmet pizza right here in the Philippines.


Who needs to travel abroad when I can get a slice of gourmet goodness a few minutes from home or from dialing 911-1111? With five grandioso flavors to choose from—Supremo, All Meat, Roast Beef, 2 Cheese Bacon and Spinach and BBQ Chicken—my heart immediately went “Ti amo!” to the pollo (chicken). The Tuscani BBQ Chicken was graciously smothered with barbecue sauce, while the toppings—cheese, onions, green pepper and chunks of chicken—were generously spread. It was certainly deliziossisima (delicious to the highest level), and I never even knew how to speak Italian before this encounter. The barbecue sauce was pleasantly sweet and highly savory on account of the thin crust, and no flavor was left ignored. The swirling images of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, the farmlands of Tuscany and freshly picked olives and grapes immediately came to mind, and I knew this was as close to Italy as I could get, as I savored every chewing moment.

For sure, the Tuscani pizza is un dono del cielo (a gift from the Heavens). I may not end up as Ms. Earth or the Marathoner of the Year, but at least I got a taste of the divine. I got what I wanted, my Italian Escapade, all thanks to the Tuscani pizza.

Grazie, Tuscani

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  1. Gosh, the pizza looks great! Drooling now....