Thursday, December 22, 2011

Revel Bars at Cheesecake Melliza

When buying at Cheesecake Melliza for the first time, the obvious choice would be the bestseller - cheesecake of course - but no, I decided to deviate from the expected and go for the revel bars. At P100 for 4 bars, it's quite a steal!

There were actually other brownie-like bars that experimented on dark and white chocolate, cookies and cheesecake bars that screamed "Buy us!" but this forlorn cat needed grainy comforting, and so the revel bars went from display to "Sold!"

The bars did not scrimp on the grain and sugar aspect. A hefty serving of oats, I gladly welcomed, but the highly sweetened chocolate was not appreciated by my palate (and stomach). Chocolate on its own is splendid but sweetening it up further reduced the cocoa goodness and turned it into a brown sugar hyper bar.

Perhaps those with high tolerance for sugar would find revelry in these bars, but as for me, "Pass!"

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