Friday, December 30, 2011

Classic Confections

There's a generic ring to the name Classic Confections, which is why the Greenbelt 5 shop is oftentimes ignored, missed or simply forgotten, especially in a sea of fascinating branding like John and Yoko, Fely J's, Krazy Garlik and even Pepper Steak.

"I want cake," says my dessert hungry friend.

"There's one in Greenbelt 5, a cake place." I answer in glee.

"Really? Like that travel restaurant?"" she asks in uncertainty.

"No. It's a cake place that starts with C, if that helps. Let's just find it!"

Classic Confections is smacked in between the exciting culinary delights that Greenbelt 5 has to offer, and in its immaculately white interiors and child-safe door, it can be rather uninviting to the hungry folk. However, pressed with time and fearing the Starbucks line, it was Classic Confections or gelato.

If planning on a cake-cookie spree, then you've come to the right place. Each mini rounded slice is priced at least P200, except for Meline's Chocolate Cake at P175. Each slice is perfectly presented and screams with sweet surprise. Torn between Chocolate Cake and Cheesecake, I went for the former simply because I could not pass up that rich of a chocolate icing.

Meline's Chocolate Cake

Exemplifying the Chocolate cake cliché, I admit guilt to surrendering to this hoi polloi creation instead of pursuing the stranger kinds such as the Cheesecake Obsession or mousse. The big mound of chocolate was too tempting to give up, and once sliced it was a decision never to regret. Moist and rich but satisfying sweet, the cake was fantastic. If left alone, I could (and would) finish a slice in one sitting, licking my spoon in glee with no hint of regret or calorie counting.

Lemon Torte

While I refused to taste this lemony fellow for fear of getting creamed up right before bedtime (plus, it has cashews), I could see that those who sampled this delicacy were in pure ecstasy. Normally people intersperse gossip with chewing but the Lemon Torte was near extinction even before the real story swapping began. Amazing. But yes, too sweet as drinks were downed rather in haste as well. Now that's one Happy Lemon.